Halloween twitter names are back!

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Halloween twitter names

Halloween twitter names are back!


Halloween twitter names are back!


It’s the first week of October, and the moment that has come to welcome all of the best fall traditions: pumpkin spice lattes, middling-to-decent horror films and Halloween festivities overtaking social media. Spooky Twitter nicknames are back!

Halloween twitter names


Some users opt to swap their display screen names into the scariest thing they’re able to think about, like “emotional intimacy” or “facts.” However, the greatest SpOoKy swap turns familiar labels into deliciously cringey Halloween puns: Ahhlice, Deadrick, Paultergist, you get the idea. The pattern is Scooby Doo-level hijinks, and sure, plenty of people hate it.
Halloween names are without doubt one of Twitter’s most enduring traditions, apart from pile-ons and harassment. Going back several years, unfailingly, users in my own timeline have celebrated October by swapping their titles to something festive. Like any worthwhile meme, it invites everyone to participate, with an incredibly low barrier to access. The best names tend to be crowdsourced, as users solicit their online supporters for ideas.
A spooky name may be the internet’s copy of Halloween adornments: corny, ephemeral, and best enjoyed with a suspension of snark. It’s campy to the nth level, but on a basic framework that delivers horror on the daily. I, for one, encourage the distraction.

Halloween twitter names Halloween twitter names

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